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A Beginner Guide To Ceiling Mounted Fire Extinguisher

Posted by Admin on April, 18, 2022

Ceiling Mounted fire extinguishers are preferred where automatic fire detection and activation are required. These extinguishers hold environment-friendly UL approved FE-36â„¢ or HFC-236fa gas as an extinguishing agent which is a fire suppressant stored as a liquid that releases in the form of gas. In this article, you come to know more about Ceiling Mounted Fire Extinguisher.

Areas where human traffic is lower or the storage areas, server rooms, IT rooms, etc. where early detection of fire is required if a fire breaks out in such location automatically operating extinguisher is needed. Ceiling Mounted extinguishers with detection and automatic activation are appropriate for installation in these locations.

How A Ceiling Mounted Fire Extinguisher Works

In the event of a fire, after the desired temperature is reached sprinkler bulb on the ceiling-mounted extinguisher fuses and sprays clean agent with maximum force, ensuring that the fire is brought under control rapidly and efficiently. The standard temperature of the sprinkler bulb is 68° C, other temperature variants are available as per requirements.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Ceiling Mounted Fire Extinguisher

Ceiling Mounted Fire extinguishers play a vital role in our lives because they can help put out a fire before firefighters arrive. It is necessary to keep a fire extinguisher in your home or office to save you in case of fire outbreaks. There are different classes of fire extinguishers that are used to put out different types of fires. Installing a fire extinguisher in your home will act as a lifeguard when combustibles cause a fire in your home.

Consider the Type and Location of Fire

When choosing the correct sort of fire extinguisher, examine the location and class of fire that you are likely to extinguish. It is essential to place your fire extinguisher near an exit to assist you to escape flames when leaving your home.

The ceiling-mounted fire extinguisher will help you contain a fire in most places of your home because it can handle most combustibles. BC extinguishers are effective on kitchen fires. Since most people do not want a fire extinguisher to exhibit in their kitchen, you can mount your extinguisher in an easily accessible place close to the exits in your home.

Consider the Placement

It is preferable to place fire extinguishers in places where it is easy to grab and use them if need be. Fires can spread rapidly and double within seconds. Therefore, it is essential to locate your fire extinguisher in a place where you can quickly reach it to put out a fire because fire spreads quickly.

Consider placing your extinguisher on a wall near an exit where you can compose yourself and grab it to enable you to extinguish flames, thus preventing further spread.

Consider the Size and Weight

Various fire extinguishers vary in weights that are stipulated on the canister. They have values exhibited on the fire extinguishers in pounds and will show how much suppressing agent is in the bottle. Most homeowners use a five-pound fire extinguisher. There are various shapes and sizes when it comes to fire extinguishers. Before selecting the right size of fire extinguisher, consider the space and size of your room.

Consider Regular Maintenance

Ceiling Mounted fire extinguishers require regular maintenance and refills. It is necessary to make sure that your fire extinguisher is inspected at regular intervals to ensure that you have the latest model and is in excellent condition. It is necessary to hire inspectors to check the pressure gauges and make sure that the canister does not cause leakages.

It is essential to keep a fire extinguisher on every floor and in the kitchen as it is the source of the fire. You should elude keeping your fire extinguisher next to your stove as it is the most likely place for a fire to begin, and it might be challenging to reach your extinguisher when you need it most.

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